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A Lady and Her Champion ♥

16 October
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So if my layout and posts haven't given it away already, the first thing you need to know about me is that I'm a HUGE Arthur/Morgana shipper from BBC Merlin. You're welcome to still look even if you don't ship them, but please no bashing or sibling comments.

“they had been like brother and sister for years, since Uther had adopted Morgana after her father’s death. Like many siblings, they bickered and fought a lot. But there was something else between them too, something unspoken and rarely shown that drew them together now” - Merlin, “The Magic Begins” for episodes 1x01 and 1x02

Other OTP's:

1.) Clark/Lana - sorry I will not tolerate ANY bashing of them. My first ever OTP ♥

2.) Liam/Naomi - I HATE Liam/Annie with a passion...so please don't even mention them to me haha.

3.) Elizabeth/Darcy

4.) Robin/Marian - The only "destiny" couple I ship because I HATE Clois and don't ship Arthur/Gwen

5.) Richard/Kahlan

6.) Emily/Toby - Shay and Keegan have crazy chemistry!

7.) Nate/Blair - I don't care what Stephanie or Josh say, NB will forever be my OTP! Chace&Leighton have insanely amazing chemistry

8.) Harry/Hermione - Let's be honest, even if you didn't ship them in the books Emma and Dan's chemistry outshines everyone in that movie and the producers know it!